Gather and highlight URLs from Bing and Yandex


Use Yandex and Bing to passively gather URLs using site search.

##Installation## $ npm install -g psydir


$ psydir [options] site
  -g, --grep       Search for comma separated list of strings in urls.
  -q, --query      Add string to query.
  -y, --yandex     Yandex XML API url.                                  [default: "process.env.YANDEX_URL"]
  -e, --exclusive  Only show urls containing a search string.           [default: false]
  -o, --outfile    Output urls to file.

##FAQ## Q. How do I get access to Yandex API?

A. Here

Q. Where is my Yandex URL?


Q. How do I provide my XML url to psdir?

A. $ export=YANDEX_URL=http://yoururl/ or psydir -y http://yoururl/

Q. The package.json says psydir uses bing, where is BING?!

A. Workin on it.

Q. Yandex is neat, is there a node library?

A. Yes! Psydir uses yandex-search.