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PSD from CLI

Convert to PNG and extract text from Photoshop files using the CLI


This tool has no native dependencies (no need for ImageMagick or even Photoshop) thanks to the great work done by the folks of PSD.js. Unfortunately, not all image modes and depths are supported yet.

You just need to have a recent version of NodeJS installed on your system.


npm install -g psd-cli


Convert a single file

psd path/to/my_psd_file.psd -c
# Creates path/to/my_psd_file.png

Extract text from a single file

psd path/to/my_psd_file.psd -t
# Creates path/to/my_psd_file.txt

Preview a single file

psd path/to/my_psd_file.psd -o
# Still creates path/to/my_psd_file.png

Multiple file handling

psd *.psd -o
# Creates PNG files and opens them in your default image preview software


Full usage available by typing psd --help

Usage: psd [options] <file...>


  -h, --help     output usage information
  -V, --version  output the version number
  -c, --convert  Convert to PNG file named <FILENAME>.png
  -t, --text     Extract text content to <FILENAME>.txt
  -o, --open     Preview file after conversion (triggers -c option)

Upcoming features

The text extraction feature is still experimental. If you experience any issues with it, please let me know by filing an issue on GitHub and attach your PSD file.

There are many cool features available around PSD files. Most of them are covered by other NPM tools. Again, throw in an issue on GitHub to discuss about what would be useful to you.