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    A NodeJS wrapper for's API

    Fetch proxies lists with ease from the API. This packages comes with TS types and JSDoc for ease of use in development.

    📥 Installation

    You can install this library with the NPM package manager with the following command:

    npm install

    Alternatively you can build your own version with the following commands:

    git clone
    cd && npm i
    npm build

    This will build the package into the dist directory.

    Quick start

    Use the fetchProxies function to fetch proxies from the API.

    import { fetchProxies } from '';
      .then(console.log) // [ {ip:, ...} ]

    📔 Documentation

    fetchProxies(proxyOptions?: ProxyOptions, requestOptions?: RequestOptions)

    The fetchProxies function will make an HTTP GET call to the API and retrieve results based on the specified options.


    import { fetchProxies } from '';
          "ip": "",
          "port": 4145,
          "ping": 21,
          "time": 1630973749,

    Returns: Promise<Proxy[]>


    The proxy options allows for more precise API requests. I strongly recommend using at least some.

    Option Value Description
    level 'transparent', 'anonymous', 'elite' Anonymity Level
    type 'http', 'https', 'socks4', 'socks5' Proxy Protocol
    last_check Number Seconds the proxy was last checked
    port Number (1 - 65535) Proxies with a specific port
    ping Number How fast you get a response after you've sent out a request
    limit Number (1 - 20) How many proxies to list.
    uptime Number (1 - 100) How reliably a proxy has been running
    countries string[] (eg: ['EN', 'US']) The countries the proxies must be located into.
    avoidCountries string[] (eg: ['CN', 'NL']) The countries the proxies must NOT be located into.


    These options are related to the way Got will handle the request.

    Option Value Description
    timeout Number Milliseconds to wait for the server to end the response before aborting the request.


    This is the type returned by a succesful fetch.

    Key Type Description
    ip String The proxy's IP address
    port Number The proxy's port number
    ping Number The proxy's latency in Milliseconds (ms)
    time Number The timestamp of when this proxy was scanned
    location ProxyLocation The proxy's location informations
    type Array<String> The list of supported protocols
    failed Bool Wether or not scan was unsuccesful
    anonimity String The proxy's anonimity level
    workingCount Number How many times this proxy was succesfully tested
    recheckCount Number How many times this proxy was checked
    uptime Number The uptime ration of this proxy


    This types defines a proxy's location informations.

    Key Type Description
    city String The proxy's city
    continent String The proxy's continent
    country String The proxy's country
    countryCode String The proxy's country code
    ipName String The ip's hostname
    ipType String The ip's type
    isp String The proxy's Internet Service Provider
    lat String The proxy's latitude
    lon String The proxy's longitude
    org String The proxy's host organisation
    query String The query
    region String The proxy's region
    status String The localisation query status

    ⚠️ Disclaimer: This is not an official library, it is not supported by and comes with no warranty. Use at your own risk !


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