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Proxizy is a reverse proxy with built-in embedded authentication.

Getting started

You can use Proxizy in two ways : using the cli from the global package, or by cloning this repo and running the local environment.

Using the CLI

Install the proxizy server global nodejs package

$ npm install -g proxizy

Start the Proxizy server on a custom port (default is 3000)

$ proxizy start --port
Starting Proxizy server on the background on the port : 3000 ...
Saving process PID on key/value database ...
Proxizy server started successfully !
You can access the admin panel on this URL : http://localhost:3000/proxizy

Go to http://server-ip:PORT/proxizy to access proxizy Web GUI

Cloning the repository

Just clone the repository, install dependencies and run.

$ git clone
cd proxizy
$ npm install
$ node app.js

Command line

Starting the server

Start the Proxizy server on a custom port (default is 3000)

$ proxizy start --port <PORT>

Status of the server

Return the current servers status (running or not)

$ proxizy status

Stoping the server

Stopping the server if it is running

$ proxizy stop

Backup the data

Saves the apps and users in the user home path (~/.proxizy) to restore it eventually.

$ proxizy save

Restore the data

Restore the apps and users previously saved in the app database. The server needs to be restarted

$ proxizy restore