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Generates Zephyr for Jira test executions using zapi for protractor tests.

How to use

  • Install protractor-zephyr-reporter-extended with npm
npm install --save-dev protractor-zephyr-reporter-extended
  • Update your protractor.conf.js file
const ZephyrReporter = require('protractor-zephyr-reporter');

// Jasmine does not support promises for reporters, but protractor does for
// onPrepare and onComplete. We can use that to make the reporter async as
// well. Generate two promises on onPrepare and add them as arguments to the
// reporter.
let onPrepareDefer;
let onCompleteDefer;

exports.config = {
    'specs': [
    'framework': 'jasmine2',
    'directConnect': true,
    'capabilities': {
        // the name is what the test cycle will be called. Default is 'no name'
        'name': 'Google Chrome',
        'browserName': 'chrome'
    'onPrepare': function() {

        // first promise is to make sure the cycle is created before the tests start.
        onPrepareDefer = protractor.promise.defer();
        // second promise is to make sure everything is done before protractor
        // quits
        onCompleteDefer = protractor.promise.defer();

        const options = {
            'disabled': false,
            'screenshot': 'fail',
            'version': '1.0',
            'projectId': 'XXX',
            'cycleId': 'XXX',
            'boardId': 'XXX',
            'jiraUser': 'XXX',
            'jiraPassword': 'XXX',
            'zapiUrl': '',
            'jiraUrl': ''

        // add the reporter
        jasmine.getEnv().addReporter(ZephyrReporter(options, onPrepareDefer, onCompleteDefer, browser));

        // return the promises for onPrepare..
        return onPrepareDefer.promise;
    'onComplete': function() {
        // ..and onComplete
        return onCompleteDefer.promise;


  • disabled

Set to true to disable the reporter. Default is false.

  • screenshot

protractor-zephyr-reporter can attach screenshots to test executions. Default is fail

  • never Never attach screenshots
  • fail only attach screenshots if the test failed
  • always always attach screenshots

protractor-zephyr-reporter can work with wswebcreation/protractor-image-comparison. If you have protractor-image-comparison configured, the comparison images will also be uploaded.

  • boardId

The Jira board Id. You need to board ID to create a new cycle. If no new cycle can be created, the test will be an unscheduled execution assigned to Ad hoc. You can get the board ID with this API call.

  • projectId (required)

The Jira project ID. You can get the project ID with this API call.

  • cycleId (required)

The Jira project's test cycle ID. You can get this by right clicking the cycle Id and inspecting it on the url.

  • version

The release version in Jira, the test will get attached to. If no version is specified, the test will be an unscheduled execution. The version has to exist before it is used, currently this reporter does not create versions. You need the board ID for this to work as well.

  • jiraUser (required)
  • jiraPassword (required)
  • zapiUrl (required)

This is your Jira zapi url

  • jiraUrl (required)

This is your Jira api url

Test Setup

A test case is represented by a describe block. The test case ID has to be added at the end of the description with an @ symbol. You can get the test case ID with this API call.


A test step is represented by an it block. The test step ID has to be added at the end of the description with an @ symbol. You can get the test step IDs with this API call.


If you want to use image comparison, the tag has to be the same as the test step ID.

describe('test case description @111111', function() {

    it('should do something @222222', function() {

    it('should do something else @333333', function() {
        expect(browser.params.imageComparison.checkElement((element), '333333')).toBeLessThan(3.5);


Jira test steps


Jira API documentation

Zapi API documentaion

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