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    Protractor-POM-Ready-To-Use Page Object Basic Model ( Ready To Use ) - UI Test Automation Design Pattern for Contact me! if you have more ideas -

    How To Run ==> How To Use Page Object Design Pattern Basic Model ( Ready To Use )

    Step 1:

    • Install NodeJs
    • Make dir called "POM" in C:\ drive - Get into the folder
    • Install Protractor globally with command: npm install -g protractor
    • Update web driver with command - webdriver-manager update
    • Start the command webdriver-manager start then open this local URL http://localhost:4444/wd/hub in browser to make sure protractor up and running

    Step 2:

    Finally, :-)

    Step 3:

    • In another consol run the command => protractor conf.js
    • Your will notice test are running against the on chrome browser

    Page code pattern in the folder => "Pages"

    class HomePage {
    constructor() {
        this.homeLink = element(by.linkText('Home'));
        this.drop1Link = element('drop1'));
        this.tutorialLink = element(by.linkText('Tutorial'));
        this.drop2Link = element('drop2'));
        this.settingUpProtractorLink = element(by.linkText('Setting Up Protractor'));
        this.settingUpTheSeleniumServerLink = element(by.linkText('Setting Up the Selenium Server'));
        this.settingUpTheBrowserLink = element(by.linkText('Setting Up the Browser'));
        this.choosingAFrameworkLink = element(by.linkText('Choosing a Framework'));
        this.drop3Link = element('drop3'));
        this.fAQLink = element(by.linkText('FAQ'));
    module.exports = new HomePage();

    Test case code pattern in the folder => Tests

    var homePage = require('../Pages/homePage');
    var testdata = require('../Testdata/data.json');
    const EC = protractor.ExpectedConditions;
    describe('Check the main page Home and Tutorial links', function () {
    it('HomePageTest 1 .1 - It should navigate to home page! check Tutorial page and go back to Home page', function () {
    browser.ignoreSynchronization = true;
    browser.wait(EC.visibilityOf(homePage.homeLink), 10000);
    browser.wait(EC.visibilityOf(homePage.homeLink), 10000);   

    Used jasmine for assertion

    Test data is isolated from the test case in the folder => Testdata using JSON file.

    "environment": ""

    Standard protractor configuration coming from => conf.js


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    maintaining codebase tips Kudos (Help) for you

    • To update your Protractor version ::: npm install protractor@latest --save & npm install -g protractor
    • Selenium Web driver update ::: webdriver-manager update


    npm i protractor-page-object-model

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