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Protractor Cucumber Framework

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This framework was originally part of angular/protractor and is now a separate module to decouple cucumber.js.


npm install --save-dev protractor-cucumber-framework


To implement this framework, utilize the protractor custom framework config option:

exports.config = {
  // set to "custom" instead of cucumber.
  framework: 'custom',
  // path relative to the current config file
  frameworkPath: require.resolve('protractor-cucumber-framework')


Pull requests are welcome. Commits should have an appropriate message and be squashed.

For Contributors

Clone the github repository:

git clone
cd protractor-cucumber-framework
npm install

Start up a selenium server. By default, the tests expect the selenium server to be running at http://localhost:4444/wd/hub. A selenium server can be started with webdriver-manager.

node_modules/.bin/webdriver-manager update --standalone
node_modules/.bin/webdriver-manager start

The test suite runs against the included test application. Start that up with

npm start

Then run the tests with

npm test