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Create an Object prototype chain based on hierarchy.


Define complex prototype chains with vanilla nested objects.

$ npm install proto-merge
$ component install timoxley/proto-merge

APIs often need a little prototype magic, yet the overhead of verbose prototype definitions will ruin the elegance / brevity of the code.

proto-merge simplifies complex prototype chaining definitions to a minimum.

var merge = require('proto-merge')
// all objects inherit from their 'parent' objects 
var project = merge({
  // top level object becomes the 'parent' for any objects defined inside it 
  name: 'Main Project',
  version: '0.0.1',
  sub_project: {
    // this will inherit from the parent 
    name: 'Sub Project'
  forks: [
    // each will inherit from the parent 
    {version: '0.0.2'},
    {name: 'A fork!'}
// property access works as expected: 
console.log(project.version) // => '0.0.1' 
// sub_project inherits properties from from its 'parent' 
console.log(project.sub_project.version) // => '0.0.1' 
// sub_project can override with its own properties 
console.log( // => 'Sub Project' 
// the link is dynamic, so if you change the parent 
// you also change the child 
project.version = '0.0.2'
console.log(project.sub_project.version) // => '0.0.2' 
// prototypes are also inherited in array members 
console.log(project.forks[0].version) // => '0.0.2' 
console.log(project.forks[1].version) // => '0.0.1' 

As with all magic, use responsibly.