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This is a well-behaved rich semantic content editor based on contentEditable, with support for collaborative editing and customizable document models.

The project page has a number of demos and the documentation.

NOTE: This project is in BETA stage. It isn't thoroughly tested, and the API might still change across 0.x releases. You are welcome to use it, but don't expect it to be very stable yet.

This code is released under an MIT license. There's a forum for general discussion and support requests, and the Github bug tracker is the place to report issues.

Documentation can be found on the website.

Run the demo

Install Node.js.

Clone the git repository. (The NPM package does not come with the demo files.)

Inside the project directory, install the project's node dependencies

npm install

Make sure you have an up-to-date dist/ dir:

npm run dist
# or, to keep compiling as files are changed
npm run dist-watch
# or, to mount a virtual ES6-compiling filesystem
# (might not work on non-Linux OSs)
npm run distfs

Start the demo server (serves demo files, resolves modules):

npm run demo

Open http://localhost:8080/ in your browser