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npm install -D propson


yarn add propson -D

CLI usage

propson [flat/nested] sourceGlob --dir outputDirectory

  • flat/nested - Pick the version of JSON output you want.
    • flat - 'a.b.c=d' => {"a.b.c" : "d"}
    • nested - 'a.b.c=d' => { "a" : { "b" : { "c" : "d" } } }
  • sourceGlob - A path to the files which you want to convert.
    • Accepts glob syntax
    • Remember to use '' (quotes) around your parameter, otherwise the glob will be expanded before actually sending it to propson.
  • --dir / -d - A path to the directory to put the JSON files.
    • The directory must exist prior to propson execution.

Note: Propson will resolve against process.cwd() for relative paths. Recommendation is to use absolute paths as input.

As flat JSON files

propson flat 'sourcePropertiesDir/*.properties' --dir './outputDir'

As nested JSON files

propson nested 'sourcePropertiesDir/*.properties' --dir './outputDir'

JS usage

Read and write from/to files

import propson from 'propson';
propson('examples/*.properties', 'tmp', true);

propson(sourceGlob, outputDir, isNested)

  • sourceGlob - Accepts a path string (with glob support)
  • outputDir - A directory (which already exists)
  • isNested - Set to true you want to expand the properties as nested JSON objects.

Just the data-conversion

import { convertPropsToFlatJson, convertPropsToNestedJson} from 'propson';
const arr = [
console.log('Flat:', convertPropsToFlatJson(arr));
console.log('Nested:', convertPropsToNestedJson(arr));