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    Convert Stream into an Iterator yielding promises of values

    Allows foreach of promises for a stream:

    // preudo-code
    foreach ( promise in promistreamus(stream) ) {
        promise.then(function(value) { /* use the value */ });

    Promistreamus converts stream's values into promises. This allows you to treat streams in a sync "pull" fashion, even if the stream values are not ready yet. Wrapping a stream with Promistreamus provides an iterator function. Calling it returns a thenable promise of a value. Once available, the promise is resolved with the value. When the stream ends, all pending promises are resolved with the undefined value. On error, all pending promises are rejected with that error.

    Using Promistreamus

    var promistreamus = require("promistreamus");
    var iterator = promistreamus(stream); // Create an iterator from a stream
    // Stream item processing function
    var processor = function() {
        // Get the promise of the next stream value from the iterator
        return iterator().then(function(value) {
            if (value === undefined) {
                // we are done, no more items in the stream
            // Process the value
            return processor(); // Continue to the next item
    // Process stream one item at a time
    processor().then(function() {
        // all items were successfully processed
    }, function(err) {
        // processing failed

    Delayed initialization

    In an edge case when iteration function is needed before the stream is available, promistreamus can be delay-created with an undefined call, and initialized later with init(stream) function.

    var promistreamus = require("promistreamus");
    // Create a non-initialized iterator which has .init(stream) method
    var iterator = promistreamus();
    // init() can be called even after the iterator function has been called

    Note that if the filtering function is needed, it should still be passed as before:

    var iterator = promistreamus(undefined, function(row) {...});

    Processing multiple values at once

    The iterator function may be called more than once, without waiting for the first promise to be resolved.

    // Process all items, 3 items at a time (example uses bluebird npm)
    var threads = [processor(), processor(), processor()];
    return Promise.all(threads).then(function() {
        // all items were successfully processed
    }, function(err) {
        // processing failed


    Streaming can be stopped by calling cancel() function on the iterator. All pending promises will be rejected, and the stream will be paused.


    Filtering and converting values of a promistreamus stream

    One may wish to map all values of a given promistreamus stream by using a conversion function, and/or to filter them out.

    var iterator = promistreamus(stream); // Create an iterator from a stream
    var iterator2 =, function (value) {
         // process the value, and either return a new value, a promise of a new value, or undefined to skip it
         return ...;

    Joining multiple streams

    Given a promistreamus style stream of streams - an iterator function that returns promises of sub-iterators, one may wish to present the values from all sub-iterators together, just like the .NET's LINQ SelectMany() function.

    var items = promistreamus(stream); // Create an iterator from a stream
    // Convert each value into a separate promistreamus iterator
    var itemsOfItems =, function (value) {
        return promistreamus(createStream(value));
    // Flatten out all subitems
    var flattenedItems = promistreamus.flatten(itemsOfItems);


    npm i promistreamus

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