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Promises/A Plus

Promises/A Plus Implementation

It fulfill Promises/A Plus pattern completely, and it's rather simple and with high performance.

    var Promise = require('promises-pattern').Promises;
    var p = new Promise(function (rejectedReason) {
        console.log('You rejected me with: ' + rejectedReason);
    }, function (function (fulfillValue)) {
        console.log('You fulfill me with: ' + fulfillValue);
    p.then(onRejected, onResolved).then(...)...;
    p.resolve('Good guy!');

It's very simple to use.

see the Promises/A Plus Spec here:

It also provide a lite version with extramely high performance, just about thirty lines of code.

    var PromiseLite = require('promises-pattern').PromisesLite;