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    A web component for displaying the steps of a process and letting users move between them

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    Getting Started


    Use the built file from npm from

    <!-- For example -->
    <script src=""></script>


    To build yourself, clone the repo, and run

    npm i
    npm run build

    And use the dist/progress-steps.min.js file


    View the example above for a complete working example. Add the component anywhere in your html:

    <progress-steps id="my-steps"></progress-steps>

    Then initialize the control

    // Find the control
    let myStepper = document.querySelector('#my-steps');
    // And initialize it
    	steps: [{ name: 'Step 1' }, { name: 'Step 2' }, { name: 'Step 3' }],

    Step configuration

    You can disable steps by setting disabled to true. You can attach any custom property to a step that you wish. When programmatically fetching the step later, those values can be retrieved and used. For example, you might attach custom IDs/GUIDs to them, so that when a step is changed, you can act upon the ID of that step:

    	steps: [
    		{ name: 'Step 1', myCustomId: 1 },
    		{ name: 'Step 2', myCustomId: 2 },
    		{ name: 'Step 3', myCustomId: 3 },
    		{ name: 'Step 4', myCustomId: 4 },
    		{ name: 'Step 5', myCustomId: 5, disabled: true },
    		{ name: 'Step 6', myCustomId: 6, disabled: true },
    	events: {
    		onStepChanged: function (stepNumber, stepObj) {
    			console.log(`Step changed to ${stepNumber}!`);
    			let newId = stepObj.myCustomId;
    			// [Act upon newId here]


    Event Name Parameters Description
    onStepChanged (stepNumber, stepObj) Fired when the step is changed


    Method Name Parameters Description
    init (options) Initializes the control. See above examples for options usage
    getStep Returns the step object of the current active step
    setStep (step) Takes in the step number of the step to change to
    stepUp Increments the current active step
    stepDown Decrements the current active step
    disableStep (step) Takes in the step number of a step and disables it from use
    enableStep (step) Takes in the step number of a step and enables it for use


    Styling can be overridden by passing in CSS values to the style object. All options are entirely optional. The most commonly overridden value would be that of the color that the bar fills up with, progressFillColor

    	steps: [
    	style: {
    		// The width of each step icon
    		stepWidth: 20,
    		// The font size of the step number and label
    		fontSize: 12,
    		// The border radius of the step icon
    		borderRadius: '25%',
    		// The thickness of the line/progress bar/borders
    		lineThickness: 2,
    		// The animation speed of the progress bar filling up
    		animationSpeed: '500ms',
    		// Whether or not to show labels or not
    		showLabels: true,
    		// The vertical margin of the labels, if shown
    		labelSpacing: 5,
    		// The font weight to use on step labels
    		stepLabelFontWeight: 'normal',
    		// The font color of step labels that are before the current step
    		previousLabelFontColor: 'red',
    		// The font color of the current step label
    		currentLabelFontColor: 'blue',
    		// The font weight of the current step label
    		currentStepLabelFontWeight: 'bold',
    		// The font color of step labels that are after the current step
    		futureLabelFontColor: 'green',
    		// The font color of step labels that are disabled
    		disabledLabelFontColor: 'maroon',
    		// The color to fill up, left-to-right, as steps are set to active
    		progressFillColor: '#cf78d9',
    		// The default color of the unfilled section of line and steps after the active step
    		progressUnfilledColor: '#d5dce2',
    		// The font color of the step icon that is currently active
    		currentStepFontColor: 'white',
    		// The fill-color for step icons that are after the current active step
    		futureStepFillColor: 'orange',
    		// The font color of the disabled steps
    		disabledStepFontColor: 'red',
    		// The fill-color for disabled step icons
    		disabledStepFillColor: 'blue'


    npm i progress-steps-webcomponent

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