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npm i -D progress-bar-webpack-plugin


Include the following in your Webpack config.

var ProgressBarPlugin = require('progress-bar-webpack-plugin');
plugins: [
  new ProgressBarPlugin()


Accepts almost all of the same options as node-progress.

  • format the format of the progress bar
  • width the displayed width of the progress bar defaulting to total
  • complete completion character defaulting to "="
  • incomplete incomplete character defaulting to " "
  • renderThrottle minimum time between updates in milliseconds defaulting to 16
  • clear option to clear the bar on completion defaulting to true
  • callback optional function to call when the progress bar completes
  • stream the output stream defaulting to stderr
  • summary option to show summary of time taken defaulting to true
  • summaryContent optional custom summary message if summary option is false
  • customSummary optional function to display a custom summary (passed build time)

The format option accepts the following tokens:

  • :bar the progress bar itself
  • :current current tick number
  • :total total ticks
  • :elapsed time elapsed in seconds
  • :percent completion percentage
  • :msg current progress message

The default format uses the :bar and :percent tokens.

Use chalk to sprinkle on a few colors.

To include the time elapsed and prevent the progress bar from being cleared on build completion:

new ProgressBarPlugin({
  format: '  build [:bar] ' +':percent') + ' (:elapsed seconds)',
  clear: false