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    A foul-language filter for NodeJS that works seamlessly as a middleware.

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    When used as middleware, all data received for the requests are purified automatically. It inserts profanity filters into all routes (or specific ones) to implicitly take care of purification, so you never have to deal with it.

    This plugin is built on the assumption that profanity filters need to be implemented implicitly, so you do not have to manually call functions for sanitizing each string (but you can do that too, with this plugin).


    npm install profanity-middleware

    Basic Usage

    As middleware with Express for all routes (app middleware):

    var app = express();
    var profanity = require('profanity-middleware');
    //try to keep this the last app.use (optional)
    app.use(profanity.init); //will filter all user input data in all routes

    As middleware with Express for specific routes (route middleware):

    var profanity = require('profanity-middleware');
    ...'/createPost/', profanity.init, function(req,res) {

    As function:

    var profanity = require('profanity-middleware'),
        filter = profanity.filter;
    var html = 'Hello Foul World',
        filtered = filter(html, {blacklist: ['foul']}); //defining foul as a slang word
    //Hello f**l world


    This plugin supports 3 basic options that can be configured:

    	mask: '$', //default '*'
    	fullyMasked: true, // default false
    	blacklist: ['foul', 'slang'] //default []

    mask (optional) is used to filter foul words with a character of your choice; default is asterisk (*)

    fullyMasked (optional) is used to replace all letters in profane words with the mask character, instead of just the inner letters

    blacklist (optional) is used to define words that you wish to filter in addition to the default dictionary; default is an empty array;

    As middleware

    As middleware, the options are specified just after 'require':

    var profanity = require('profanity-middleware');
    	mask: '$', 
    	blacklist: ['foul', 'slang']
    app.use(profanity.init); //then use it as app middleware or route middleware

    As function

    As function, the options are specified when calling the function

    filter(html, {blacklist: ['foul', 'slang']});

    Newly Added

    Profane Words Count

    When used as middleware, the res object of the route will be assigned a profaneWordsCount which is the count of foul words encountered in that commit.

    You can try: console.log(res.profaneWordsCount) in any of your route, and can calculate a rating of foulness based on this.

    When used as a direct filter function, you can pass in a parameter which will be changed by reference, as below: filter(str, {mask: '*', blacklist: ['custom']}, resStub) Or: filter(str, {}, resStub) //for default options

    The count will be returned in the next line as: resStub.profaneWordsCount

    Profane Words Rating

    To count the rating, simply call the rating function as below:

    var profanity = require('profanity-middleware');
    var rating = profanity.rating;
    var filter = profanity.filter;
    var resStub = {}; //if you are getting data from the request object (as middleware), just use the 'res' object
    var badword = filter('enterBadWordHere', {blacklist: ['Bad']}, resStub);
    var computedRating = rating(resStub.profaneWordsCount);
    console.log("Rating of profanity is ", computedRating);

    Fully Masking Profane Words

    By default, the middleware will leave the first and last letter of a profane word unmasked. To mask the full word, including first and last letters, add the fullyMasked option to the filter object and set it to true, like below:

    filter('enterBadWordHere', {fullyMasked: true}, resStub);


    npm test

    • Check for replacing case-sensitive words
    • Check for not replacing in-string words that could be part of other words
    • Check for recursively filtering strings inside objects
    • Check for custom words and custom mask
    • Check for count of profane words
    • Check rating of profane words
    • Check for fully masking words as alternate option


    In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code.

    Release History

    • 0.3.0 Added backwards-compatible option to fully mask profane words
    • 0.2.1 Profane words rating calculator function added
    • 0.2.0 Profane word counts added
    • 0.1.4 GHOST Enhancement
    • 0.1.3 Line breaks Enhancement


    npm i profanity-middleware

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