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produce - WIP

A multi-rule multi-purpose source/target agnostic configurable transformer

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This module and documentation is still considered work-in-progress. Only no config example is added below for a preview

No Configuration

Install required plugins and it will automatically use them to produce output/serve content


Simple conf

less: less | add_header_note(preview) | yuicompressor(dist) > css
pug,jade: pug | add_header_note(preview) > html
js: babel | add_header_note(preview) | closure > js

Advanced conf

  rules: [
      source: /\.(pug|jade)$/,
      via: [
          processor: 'add_header_note',
          modes: ['serve']
      target: 'css'


  • Target.write(output)


proudce sourceDir targetDir # fs source and fs target 
proudce sourceDir # fs source and http target