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Basic classical inheritance with protected members and accessible overwritten methods.


Include Proclass in your application using strict mode (available on npm) and let the inheritance begin!


"use strict";

var Proclass = require("proclass");

var Foo = Proclass.extend({

	_init: function(baz){
		// Constructor function for class
		// Only available as constructor or within constructor of Class objects
		// that inherit from this (via `this._parent()`)

	somePublicFunction: function() {
		// Available to this class, Class objects that inherit from this,
		// and anywhere outside of this class

	_someProtectedFunction: function() {
		// Only available to this class and Class objects that inherit from this


var Bar = Foo.extend({

	somePublicFunction: function() {
		// Will overwrite `Foo.somePublicFunction()`
		// `Foo.somePublicFunction()` still accessible via `this._parent()`


var bar = new Bar(baz);


John Resig's Simple JavaScript Inheritance was a huge inspiration to this project. After trying several different approaches, I kept coming back to using a method very similar to his. (And I learned quite a bit because of it.) So, thanks!

Also, prodecjs gave me hope that protected members were indeed possible in JavaScript, and helped me with the basic implementation. Thanks!