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Process Messenger

Simple wrapper that child_process's messaging node.js



  • process process object. Generally this is result forchild_process.fork.

Object for process messaging

Constructor get target process object.

In parent process:

var ProcessMessanger = require("process-messenger")v
var fork = require("child_process").fork
var child = fork("./sample/child.js")
var pm = new ProcessMessanger(child)

And child process

var ProcessMessanger = require("process-messenger")v
var pm = new ProcessMessanger()

ProcessMessenger.send(command, [args], [callback])

Send message to target process.

  • command - string.
  • args - Object. must serializable.
  • callback - Function
pm.send("ping", function(result){

If you want parameters. set args

pm.send("add",{a: 1, b: 2} function(result){

If you not use callback, can omit callback,


ProcessMessenger.on(command, callback)

Hook event that recive same command's message sending.

  • command - string. Fire when that is same as other ProcessMessenger.send
  • callback - Fucntion(args, done). args is set ProcessMessenger.send's args. default undefined. If you want return to sending process, call done(result).
pm.on("add", function(args, done){
  done(args.a + args.b)

ProcessMessenger.once(command, callback)

Recive message at once. (Basically behabor is same as ProcessMessenger.on)