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process-events-shim Build Status Dependency Status

Shims process event functionality.



This will do nothing

  • if not running in the browser,
  • if any of the event functions are defined on process already, or
  • if window.onerror is not null when this module is loaded

In Browserify-like environments, the following will happen:

  • the process object will get the standard EventEmitter methods.
  • window.onerror will be a function that emits an uncaughtException event on the process object.
  • a listener gets added to the window's unload event which emits an exit event on the process object.


The initial structure of this module was generated by Jumpstart, using the Jumpstart Black Coffee template.


process-events-shim is released under the MIT License.
Copyright (c) 2013 Meryn Stol