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    A self-hosted Probot app that delivers push event details to your inbox.

    probot-emailer may be used as a self-hosted replacement to the email service that is due to be deprecated on January 31, 2019.



    1. Register a GitHub App
    2. Create a SendGrid API key
    3. Deploy to Heroku
    4. Update your GitHub App
    5. Install your GitHub App
    6. Configure your installation


    Register a GitHub App

    Register a new GitHub App, providing a GitHub App name, and Homepage URL, and having the following properties:


    1. Repository contents: Read only

    Event subscriptions

    1. Push

    Webhook URL

    For now, use a temporary value, such as http://localhost, we'll come back to this shortly.

    Webhook Secret

    Be sure to secure your webhooks, to ensure the authenticity of requests from GitHub, by providing a Webhook Secret. Use a random string with high entropy (e.g., by taking the output of ruby -rsecurerandom -e 'puts SecureRandom.hex(20)' at the terminal).

    Private key

    After creating the GitHub App, be sure to generate a private key, store this in a safe place.

    Create a SendGrid API key

    Sign up for a free SendGrid account, and create an API key with Mail Send access.

    Domain authentication

    It is recommended to set up domain authentication in SendGrid in order to signal to email providers that SendGrid has permission to send emails on your behalf.

    Deploy to Heroku


    Deploy your app to Heroku, populating the Config Vars with your GitHub App's APP_ID, WEBHOOK_SECRET, and PRIVATE_KEY, as well as your SendGrid API key, SENDGRID_APIKEY.

    Update your GitHub App

    Update your GitHub App's Webhook URL, with the URL of your Heroku app.

    Install your GitHub App

    Install your GitHub App on the account, or repository that you wish to receive email notifications from.

    Configure your installation

    Configure the installed app, by creating a .github/probot-emailer.yml file in the root of the repository, for example:

    addresses: # a list of addresses to send notifications to 
    sender: # the email address of the notification sender (optional) 
      name: From

    Consider adding your sender.from address as a contact, to avoid it being flagged as spam.


    Once configured, a push to any branch of a configured repository will generate a notification to the addresses defined in your .github/probot-emailer.yml.




    npm i probot-emailer

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