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Probe Dock RT

Lightweight Probe Dock. Aims to help developers in their daily work. Run tests, filter tests, get real time results in your browser.


$> npm install -g probedock-rt

Create the configuration file in probedock-rt.yml in ~/.probedock with this content:

port: 1337
openBrowser: true
enabled: true
Name Default Description
host The host is used by clients to connect to Probe Dock RT agent.
port 1337 The port is used by clients to connect to Probe Dock RT agent and by the web server of the agente to listen on it.
openBrowser true Automatically open Probe Dock RT in the default browser.
enabled true For the clients, define if the results are sent to Probe Dock RT agent or not.


$> probedock-rt

Open your browser and reach http://localhost:1337 or change the port accordingly to your configuration file.

Next steps

Follow the instructions on the Probe Dock RT Clients page.


  • Node.js 0.10+


  • Fork
  • Create a topic branch - git checkout -b feature
  • Push to your branch - git push origin feature
  • Create a pull request from your branch

Please add a changelog entry with your name for new features and bug fixes.


probedock-rt is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for the full text.