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Generate random variables from a variety of probability distributions. Includes tools to shuffle an array or sample from it.

Probability Distributions Library for JavaScript

Functions for sampling random variables from probability distributions. Uses the same function names as R.


npm install --save probability-distributions

var PD = require("probability-distributions");

Documentation and examples


Currently supported

  • Binomial distribution

  • Beta distribution

  • Cauchy distribution

  • Chi-Squared distribution

  • Exponential distribution

  • F distribution

  • Gamma distribution

  • Laplace distribution

  • Log Normal distribution

  • Negative Binomial distribution

  • Normal (Gaussian) distribution

  • Poisson distribution (not recommended for lambda > 100)

  • Sample (shuffle an array, or select items using optional array of weights)

  • Uniform distribution (with entropy option for standard uniform)

  • Uniform limited to whole numbers

  • Words (generate random words from a library of characters)

  • Visualization (show the values of a random variable in an animated loop)


This package contains additional distributions marked as "experimental". Use these with extreme caution.