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Simple interface for caching asynchronous callback responses.

Basic Usage

Creating a new Prison

var Prison = require('prison');
var prison = new Prison(90000);

Where 90000 is the time in milliseconds (which is 15 minutes) for the cache to live.

Cache on a key

var warden = prison.incarcerate('YOUR_KEY_HERE', function(handler) {
  callToDatabase('data', 1, function(value) {

If the cache is stale the result of callToDatabase will be set as the new value.

Setting the TTL on a per key basis

var warden = prison.incarcerate('YOUR_KEY_HERE', 1800000 function(handler) {
  callToDatabase('data', 1, function(value) {

The time to live for this cached value will be 30 minutes.

Busting the cache


This sendsnull to the backend for 'some_key'.

Cache Backends

By default Prison uses an in memory store, but is highly extensible.

Passing a custom backend

var prison = new Prison(900000, custom_backend);

Custom backend is any object that implements

function get(key) {
  // returns value by key 


function set(key, value) {
  // sets value for key