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    This generator was bootstraped using create-prisma-generator


    An extremely basic typegraphql type generator for prisma. I needed something like typegraphql-prisma that works with prisma 4.0 and at that time, typegraphql-prisma had not updated their generator to support versioon 4.0, so I made this extremely simple generator to generate typegraphql types.

    Essentially, this generator exports one file into a desired directory with all models and enums converted to TypeGraphQL types which you can then use in your TypeGraphQL dependent project. This doesn't emit any CRUD operations like other generators. It just emits models and enums.


    You can install this generator with:

    yarn add --dev prisma-generator-basic-typegraphql


    npm i -D prisma-generator-basic-typegraphql


    To use the generator, add the following to your schema.prisma file:

    generator basic_typegraphql {
      provider        = "prisma-generator-basic-typegraphql"
      output          = "../generated/type-graphql-types"
      outputName      = "types.ts"

    Config Options

    The generator can be configured with the following options:

    Option Value Default Comment
    output string ../src/generated/type-graphql-types Folder where generated file will be stored. This folder is auto created if it doesn't exists.
    outputName string index.ts Name of the file to generate.
    wipeOutput boolean false If true, output folder will be deleted before new file is generated.
    strictModifiers boolean false If true, all modifiers require to have '///' and be on top of field it modifies.
    installDeps boolean false If true, dependencies based on schema will be installed like graphql-scalars.
    useYarn boolean false Sets whether to use yarn or npm for installing packages if installDeps is true.
    hideRelations boolean false By default, all fields without a modifier are emitted. If set to true, this will omit all relation types.
    skipVerCheck boolean false If true, generator will run without checking installed prisma version.
    enumAsType boolean false If true, generator will make all enums types. Generated enum as types will be named the same as their enum name and actual enums will also be emitted with _Enum attached at the end.
    enumAsConst boolean false If true, generator will make all enums consts. Generated enum as consts will be named the same as their enum name. Actual enums won't be emitted, but types will also be emitted with their same enum names.
    optionalRelations boolean true If true, generator will make all relation fields optional.
    addNull boolean false If true, generator will add `
    addUndefined boolean false If true, generator will add `


    If you want to modify a field, you can write a comment and add the modifiers above the field or after the field in the same line as the field. If the strictModifiers config option is set to true, then modifiers can only be typed above the field and must have ///, so wwe know it is a modifier and not a comment. Also, for every modifier type, I added various options so you can choose the one you like.


    1. Omit: To not include @Field to a field, meaning that the field is not exposed in graphql @omit @hide @TypeGraphQL.omit(output: true)
    2. Emit: If hideRelation is true, then all relation types will be omitted. If you wan't some fields to be ignored by hideRelation, then use the emit modifier on desired fields to emit them. @emit @hide @TypeGraphQL.omit(output: false)
    3. Nullable: If a field has been emitted, the nullable option in @Field will be set based on whether the field is required or not. If you want to override this, use this modifier. @nullable @null @TypeGraphQL.omit(nullable: true)


    1. Prisma's Unsupported type is not passed to the prisma generator, as in, in doess not get parsed at all, so I don't deal with that type in this generator.
    2. Since the relevant docs for creating a prisma generator are not easy to understand, I took inspiration from multiple generators, inlcuding create-prisma-generator, typegraphql-prisma and prisma-dbml-generator
    3. The image in this readme was sourced from typegraphql-prisma


    npm i prisma-generator-basic-typegraphql

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