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Share and edit documents in real-time.

  • Silent reconnect: Whether the server goes down or the connection drops dead, it doesn't matter. Once the connection is re-established prism will sync everything and you'll be fine.

npm install and component install marcelklehr/ (I intend to add a plain, browserified version)


var server = require('http').createServer(app)
  , prism = require('')(server)


var prism = require('')
  document: window.location.pathname // or something else 
, editor: new prism.HtmlAdapter(document.querySelector('.content')) // Any contenteditable element or the body of an wysiwyg editor's iframe 


Possible options are:

  • editor: An editor adapter
  • server: The server address. Default: 'http://localhost'
  • document: A string containing the identifier of the document to access


Class: prism.HtmlAdapter(element)

Takes any block and inline html element except for inputs.

Class: prism.TextinputAdapter(element)

Takes an input element like a <textarea> or an <input type="text">.


hah!, lots...

  • Wrap changesets in edits to dry up edit transformations
  • MESSAGE QUEUE! Once you start doing async stuff, you have multiple half-digested maessages -- bad thing. And a prefect race condition.
  • Authorization/Authentication
  • Investigate on webRTC's DataChannel (client-side peer-to-peer communication)
  • Otherwise make it scale without pain (for the admin, of course! This is gonna be an ordeal for the programmer...)
  • Perhaps remove as a dep and make people add their own transport layer
  • Sync the dom directly, instead of innerHTML? -- check how meteor guys do it.. perhaps use
  • multiple connections on one page

Problems? Ideas? Inspiration?

Submit an issue. Really!