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A tiny library for PRIvate PROPerties in JavaScript. Runnable in any "modern" browsers and Node.js.

Change Log


 * When you use this library in client side scripting, just write 
 * <script type="text/javascript" src="/path/to/PriProp.js"></script>
var PriProp = require('/path/to/PriProp');

/* define Constructor */
var SomeClass = (function() {
  // call PriProp like this.
  var _ = PriProp('id');

  function SomeClass(pub, priv) {
    _.construct(this); // initiallize

    this.somePublicValue = pub;

    _(this).somePrivateValue = priv;  // set private value

  SomeClass.prototype.somePublicMethod = function() {
    return _(this).somePrivateValue;

  return SomeClass;

var obj = new SomeClass("still public...", "Hello, private values!");

console.log(obj.somePublicValue); // "still public..."
console.log(obj.somePrivateValue); // of cource, undefined...
console.log(obj.somePublicMethod()); // Hello, private values!
console.log(; // 1 (unique value. The first argument of PriProp() is set to this property name.)

var obj2 = new SomeClass('hoge', 'fuga');
console.log(; // 2