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Priority Web SDK for node.js

This is an npm package that enables the Priority Web SDK on top of the node.js APIs.

Installation and Usage

Use npm to install the library directly.

npm install priority-web-sdk --save

Once the library is installed, require-ing it returns the API object which contains all of the necessary methods.

var priority = require('priority-web-sdk');

Sample Application

Here's a very minimal application. It shows all of the rows in the CUSTOMERS form.

var configuration = {
    username: '<username>',
    password: '<password>',
    url: '<app server url>',
    tabulaini: 'tabula.ini',
    language: 3,
    company: 'demo'
  .then(()=> priority.formStart('CUSTOMERS', null, null, 'demo', 1))
  .then(form=> form.getRows(1))
  .then(rows=> console.log(rows))
  .catch(err=> console.log(err));

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