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    Adds an "SMS" action to the actions menu that opens a form for the user to send themselves a text message with item details. Uses Primo's email API to send item details to carrier SMS gateways to convert them to text messages.




    1. Make sure you've installed and configured primo-explore-devenv.
    2. Navigate to your template/central package root directory. For example:
      cd primo-explore/custom/MY_VIEW_ID
    3. If you do not already have a package.json file in this directory, create one:
      npm init -y
    4. Install this package:
      npm install primo-explore-send-sms --save

    alternatively, just copy dist/module.js into your package's custom.js file.

    n.b. This customization depends on primo-explore-custom-actions. If you didn't install using npm, you'll need to also manually install the custom actions package.


    Once this package is installed, add sendSms as a dependency for your custom module definition.

    var app = angular.module('viewCustom', ['sendSms'])

    Note: If you're using the --browserify build option, you will need to first import the module with:

    import 'primo-explore-send-sms';

    Activate the customization by adding an <sms-action /> element as part of your prmActionListAfter component template:

    app.component('prmActionListAfter', {template: '<sms-action />'})


    You can configure the look of the action and the available SMS carriers by passing a new options object as smsOptions - see below for an example.

    • The smsOptions.smsAction property governs the look of the action - see primo-explore-custom-actions for more info on how to customize it.
    • The smsOptions.smsCarriers property governs the available SMS carriers, and is a map of carrier options to their respective SMS gateway addresses.

    You can see the default options for both properties by looking at src/js/smsOptions.value.js in this repository.


    The example below activates the customization and changes the action label to 'Text Me'. It also moves the action to the left side of the list, and shortens the list of available SMS carriers.

    var app = angular.module('viewCustom', ['customActions'])
    app.component('prmActionListAfter', {template: '<sms-action />'})
    app.value('smsOptions', {
        smsAction: {
          name: 'send_sms',
          label: 'Text Me',
          index: 0,
          icon: {
            icon: 'ic_smartphone_24px',
            iconSet: 'hardware',
            type: 'svg',
        smsCarriers: {
          'ATT': '',
          'T-Mobile': '',
          'Verizon': '',


    npm i primo-explore-send-sms

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