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    primo-explore-outbound-links npm package

    Add event tracking to outbound links contained in prm-service-links.


    Adding the Package to your view in primo-explore

    run the following command from within your view's main directory to add it as a dependency.

    $ npm install --save-dev primo-explore-outbound-links

    this should add the following line to your package.json file...


    and add the contents of this repository (at that npm version) into a node_modules/primo-explore-outbound-links directory for your current view. the presence of this package should mean that the package was successfully installed and added to your project.

    Installing/Importing it

    from here you'll have to edit your main.js (or config.module.js) file to import the package, and add outboundLinksLogger to the dependencies inside of your 'viewCustom' module:

    angular.module('viewCustom', ['angularLoad', 'outboundLinksLogger'])

    if you're using --browserify, the import line should be import 'primo-explore-outbound-links'; and a working example of the whole thing should be found in src/.main.js.

    if you're not, (i.e. you're still using custom.module.js with raw concatenation), simply copy/paste the outbound-links.module.js file from node_modules/primo-explore-outbound-links into your js/ directory and use import './outbound-links.module.js'; instead.

    Configuring via outboundLinksConfig

    in order to make this useful to other libraries/configurations, we've abstracted the main logging method. if you don't have your google anayltics setup on like we do, you'll need to set up in order to get any value from the package.

    our package attempts to read its options as variables within a constant object attached to the primo angular module (app). to get this packaged to work, simply create a new constant with the name outboundLinksConfig, specifying the logEvent like so:

    // main.js
    import {loggingFunction} from './my_analytics_helpers';
    app.constant('outboundLinksConfig', { "logEvent": loggingFunction });

    Additional Customization

    the following table describes describes some additional configuration options that are currently afforded to you by the package. an example implementation of this section can be found within this repo at src/.main.js:

    name default description
    logToConsole true controls whether or not messages about what's going on in the component are console.log()-ed (visible in inspector)
    publishEvents false we use this variable within our sample implementation to ensure only real traffic is tracked (not us debugging/developing/testing)


    You're more than welcome to fork this repository, make some changes, and contribute it back by creating a pull request.

    If you have any issues with this package or ideas for how to make it better, don't hesitate to let us know by submitting a new issue.

    In both of these cases, it would help us if you make sure to add on the appropriate labels (including especially outbound-links) so that we can keep track of what your pull request or issue relates to.

    If you get stuck, send us a message on our gitter, and we'll try to help you out.


    npm i primo-explore-outbound-links

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