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    primo-explore-help-menu npm package

    Add link to customizable 'help-menu' popup to prm-search-bookmark-filter-after (top nav bar)


    help-menu dialog

    1. clicking on the '(?)' icon in the top right of any page brings up a new help-menu dialog
    2. here, users see a list of entries (from list_of_elements) which they can scroll through and select
    3. once selected, the user sees the specified template for that entry displayed
    4. links can be made between entries very simply using anchor tags #{}
    5. if desired, users can open the help menu in a new window to enable multi-tasking

    note: as of 1.3.0, you can open the help menu from any page (or module) by triggering an openHelpMenuEvent event!

    window.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('openHelpMenuEvent'))

    If you want to specify a particular page, simply add the entry id as the event detail like so:

    window.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('openHelpMenuEvent', {detail:'getting-started'}))


    Adding the Package to your view in primo-explore

    run the following command from within your view's main directory to add it as a dependency.

    $ npm install --save-dev primo-explore-help-menu

    this should add the following line to your package.json file...


    and add the contents of this repository (at that npm version) into a node_modules/primo-explore-help-menu directory for your current view. the presence of this package should mean that the package was successfully installed and added to your project.

    Installing/Importing it

    from here you'll have to edit your main.js (or config.module.js) file to import the package, and add both 'helpMenuContentDisplay' and 'helpMenuTopbar', to the dependencies inside of your 'viewCustom' module:

    import 'primo-explore-help-menu';  // import './help-menu.js'
    angular.module('viewCustom', ['angularLoad', 'helpMenuContentDisplay',  'helpMenuTopbar'])

    (see ./src/.main.js for a working example).

    Additional Steps

    To get the same styling, you'll have to copy or import the help-menu.css file to the css/custom.css for your view. to automate this, add the following script to your package.json:

      "postinstall""cp node_modules/primo-explore-help-menu/dist/help-menu.css ./css/help-menu.css"

    If you're using a version from 1.1.0 onward, you'll have to make sure there's a html/help_en_US.html included as well

    $ touch html/help_en_US.html

    Adding Your Own Content

    To add your own content, specify a list_of_elements variable within a constant object called 'helpMenuConfig' and attach it to your primo angular module (app) like so:

    // main.js
    import {my_custom_list_of_elements} from 'my_long_list_of_json_objects';
    app.constant('helpMenuConfig', { "list_of_elements": my_custom_list_of_elements });

    Make sure that each object in the list of elements matches the following structure:

      "title":"My Custom Help Entry",
      "icon":{"group":"action", "code":"description"},
      "description":"brief description of the entry's purpose (optional)",
      "template":"<h3>A valid Heading</h3><p>relevant information below that heading</p>"

    ...include intentionally empty objects in the list ({}) to form the dividers.

    note: the iconset being used is from and is included within primo

    As of 1.6.0, you can also specify a list_of_updates variable with the same structure to highlight a number of items above the other entries. At BU, we use this feature to highlight recent changes to the platform or big pieces of library news.

    // main.js
    import {my_custom_list_of_updates} from 'my_long_list_of_json_objects';
    app.constant('helpMenuConfig', { "list_of_updates": my_custom_list_of_updates });

    Additional Customization

    the following table describes describes some additional configuration options that are currently afforded to you by the package. an example implementation of this section can be found within this repo at src/.main.js:

    name default description
    logToConsole true controls whether or not messages about what's going on in the component are console.log()-ed (visible in inspector)
    publishEvents false controls whether the logEventToAnalytics is actually triggered, ensurng only real traffic is tracked
    logEventToAnalytics see example here's an opportunity to hook in whatever event tracking you have, (we use google analytics)
    helpMenuTitle Search Help page and popup title displayed at the top of the menu (useful for translations)
    helpMenuWidth 500 (px) the width of the dialog box and associated popup
    enableNotificationIndicator false visually highlight the top-bar icon for new users until they open and dismiss it
    notificationIndicatorExpiration 2 weeks set the amount of time it takes before the notification dismissal resets
    updatesLabel Search Updates Heading text for shortlist of updates above help entries
    entriesLabel Help Entries Heading text for main help entries (only appears when there's a list of updates)

    Events Logged

    All events are logged under the category help-menu.

    action label description
    open-dialog page user was on when clicked user clicks on the icon in the top right to initially open help-menu
    select-item of currently open entry or webpage user selects an item in the main help-menu or follows link to another entry
    open-window of currently open entry or webpage user presses 'open in new window' button

    note: At BU Libraries, we use Google Analytics to track and log events. Given this, all events emitted follow the 'category > action > label' convention.


    You're more than welcome to fork this repository, make some changes, and contribute it back by creating a pull request.

    If you have any issues with this package or ideas for how to make it better, don't hesitate to let us know by submitting a new issue.

    In both of these cases, it would help us if you make sure to add on the appropriate labels (including especially help-menu) so that we can keep track of what your pull request or issue relates to.

    If you get stuck, send us a message on our gitter, and we'll try to help you out.


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