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    primo is a visual, integrated, delightful code editor and content management system

    primo is built with and heavily inspired by Svelte - arguably the simplest, fastest, and most out-of-the-box-powerful frontend framework in existence. The best way I can describe it is HTML+JavaScript with superpowers. If you've never used Svelte before but you're interested in trying, I think you'll find that it's incredibly easy to learn.

    Code-wise, primo isn't at all in an ideal place at the moment. In particular, there's little to no test coverage, TypeScript is only used in a fraction of the components, and there are still some artifacts from the many refactors the project has gone through that need to be cleaned up. But on the bright side, that means that anyone can jump in and start helping out. Yes, especially you.

    Whether you're a seasoned or unseasoned developer, if you want to help make it easier to make websites, you're more than welcome to help out.

    Running primo locally

    • nothing will happen if you download this repo and try building it *. This repo is for the core primo editor, it gets used by primo-desktop and primo cloud (and by the self-hosted version of primo in the future). If you want to run primo locally to tinker with it:
    1. Fork and clone primo-desktop
    2. Fork and clone this repo into the same directory
    3. Run npm link in primo
    4. Run npm link primo-app in primo-desktop (this makes it so any changes in primo-app rebuild primo-desktop)
    5. Follow directions in primo-desktop's readme to build for development

    Not sure how to contribute? Start here

    • Migrate to TypeScript
    • Write integration tests (w/ Cypress)
    • Docs, docs, docs


    npm i primo-app

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