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Primitive One Frontity Theme

A Headless WordPress (REST API) Theme for Frontity


Created with a little Node.js and React magic.

Built on the awesome new, itty bitty, Frontity framework:

With little help from our friends: Bootstrap 4, GSAP and ScrollMagic.

Live demo site:



Domain and WordPress hosting from:

N.B. This is only my second attempt at React based website so do be kind.
It may be messy and it may be downright wrong in places.

See changelog for release notes.

Issues, Fix and Refine

  1. Query strings break routing / 404s
  2. Having issues importing the bootstrap CSS correctly

WIP: SEO bits and bobs

  1. Zeit Now deployment

Now recommends setting domains to point at their nameservers. Or, alternatively setting CNAME/ANAME DNS records

Duplicated Content

  • Do add canonical links to your index
  • Self referncing canonical links are OK


  • You can create a robots text via now.json (routes)
  • You DO NOT need to do this manually for Frontity

www/non-www redirects


  • TBC

To Test/Implement: title/meta / Frontity Yoast module

  • TBC

To Do: Features >>>>>>

  • Content: load WP pages and create cpt/acf
  • Feat: custom post/cpt blocks ( ??? test with filters vs WP_Query)
  • Feat: Better webfont loading
  • Refine: Google analytics implementation / package
  • Widget blocks (CPT, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest)
  • Best practice: choosing the right component (Image can be imported from various modules)
  • Best practice: applying 'styled' to components imported from other modules
  • How to set the location of page content when a static is set as the homepage / Content positioning / Roots and Fills

To Do: Later >>>>>>

  1. Merge with Boostrap branding kit.
  2. Add: WP theme support and user configurables
  3. Refine: Animation, use scale and overlap tweens
  4. Add: Create/Extend animations to pass user configuration
  5. AMP

Performance Comparrison Testing (WIP)

Check back for links to compare the performance of various deployments.

Google: TBC
Static: TBC

Created by Primitive Digital



The following pre-requisites should be in place for the theme to work:

  1. WordPress install of version 5.0 or later
  2. Optional but highly recommended: register a domain
  3. If deploying to Now install WordPress to a sub directory e.g. -
  4. Posts permalink set set to: Custom Structure e.g. - /posts/%postname%/
  5. Set homepage to a static page

To be added in next release(s) (WIP) 6. ACF Plugin vs Register custom fields 7. CPT UI Plugin vs Register custom post types 8. ACF Category permalink to be set as: Custom base - /products/

Installing and beginning development

*** Follow the Frontity setup outlined in their Docs ***

  1. git clone
  2. cd primitiveone
  3. npm install && npx frontity dev (from the project's root directory)

** Quick Ref: Commands **

npx frontity dev

npx frontity build


*** Follow the Frontity deployment outlined in their Docs ***

npx now
npx now --prod

The code is opensource so play like you mean business.


Need Support

If you find any problems with this theme, please report an issue at:

Primitive One created by Primitive Digital


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