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    PRHONE Log

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    Simple JavaScript logger.

    A simple JavaScript logger for client side applications but it can be used in other environments. Supports CommonJS, AMD and standalone.

    See example.html and example.js for browser and node.js usage respectively.


    Webpack, Browserify and Node.js:

    npm install prhone-log

    NPM CDN:

    <script src=""></script>

    In browser it is found as window.prhone.Log.


    const Log = require('prhone-log');
    const log1 = new Log('app1');
'Initializing app');
    log1.debug('Loading global configuration');
    log1.debug('Loading user configuration');

    ...will output:

    18:31:55.987 INFO [app1] Initializing app
    18:31:55.987 DEBUG [app1] Loading global configuration
    18:31:55.988 DEBUG [app1] Loading user configuration



    logger Log(String namespace[, Object settings])

    Creates a new logger instance.

    • String namespace - The logger namespace or logger name.
    • Object settings - Optional configuration to overwrite.
      • Number priority - Levels priority to display. Default to 3. This can be used to display only messages equal or below than certain priority. (ex: priority: 1 will only display warning and error messages.)
      • Boolean display - Display messages on console. Default to true.
      • Boolean displayTime - Display time (hh:mm:ss.SSS). Default to true.
      • Boolean displayLevel - Display level name. Default to true.
      • Boolean displayNamespace - Display namespace. Default to true.
      • Boolean throwErrors - Throw errors on levels priority equal to 0. Default to false.
      • Boolean history - Keep history. Default to true.
      • Boolean colors - Display messages with colors. Default to true.
    Level Priority
    error 0
    warn 1
    info 2
    debug 3

    Object Log.COLORS

    List of colors to set up levels. Available colors: RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE, MAGENTA, CYAN, BLACK and WHITE.

    Object Log.getSettings()

    Get a copy of the current global settings.

    Log.update(Object settingsToUpdate)

    Update the current global settings.

    Log.addLevel(Object level)

    Adds a new log level globally.

    • Object level - Level configuration.
      • String - Level name.
      • Number [level.priority] - Priority value. Default to 3.
      • Object [level.color] - The log color definition. You can use the Log.COLORS references. Default null.
        • String browser - Browser styles. Ex: color:#2E7D32;
        • String node - Node.js color. Ex: \x1b[32m.


    const Log = require('prhone-log');
      name: 'fatal',
      priority: 0,
      color: Log.COLORS.RED
    const log2 = new Log('app2');
    const errMsg = 'settings file is corrupt';
    log2.fatal('The application crashed, details:', errMsg);
    // 20:02:50.753 FATAL [app2] The application crashed, details: settings file is corrupt


    logger.<<method>>(...parameters [, Object meta])

    Call a log level method, be it built in (debug, info, warn, error) or custom with parameters with any type (except functions). If the last parameter is an object or array it will be saved as metadata in history.

    const logger = new Log('app1');'This is a warning', { details: 'here the details' });
    // 18:20:15.985 INFO [app1] This is a warning

    Array logger.getHistory()

    This is an array with all messages recorded in order chronological, whether logged in console or not. Only if the setting history is enabled.

    The format of each message is:


    • date: The datetime in number format.
    • level: The string level name.
    • text: The parsed text message.
    • meta: The metadata if provided.


    Object logger.getSettings()

    Get a copy of the current logger settings.

    logger.update(Object settingsToUpdate)

    Update the current logger settings.

    logger.addLevel(Object level)

    Works the same way as Log.addLevel() method, but adds the level only to this logger.


    Read file to see changes.




    npm i prhone-log

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