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Pretty Mini JSON

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A simple CLI tool to shrink/minify or prettify JSON data from stdin, file or url.



Install this globally and you'll have access to the Pretty Mini JSON command anywhere on your system.

$ [sudo] npm install -g pretty-mini-json


You can now call pretty-mini-json from anywhere using either pmj or the full name pretty-mini-json. I prefer the short name.

pmj [ options... ] [ filename | url ]

filename or url should be the last argument and should name the file or url from which to read the JSON data. If you don't specify it, it will try to read data from STDIN.


$ pmj --help
    Usage: pmj [options] [file | url ...]
    A simple CLI tool to shrink/minify or prettify JSON data.
    -h, --help               output usage information
    -V, --version            output the version number
    -p, --pretty             prettify JSON data
    -o, --outputFile <file>  write output to <file> instead of stdout
    -v, --verbose            makes stdout more verbose/talkative. Mostly useful for debugging.


Here are some example calls using my_file.json and my_file.min.json as example files.

Basic JSON minify

Output minified version to stdout.

$ pmj my_file.json

Basic JSON prettify

Output prettified version to stdout.

$ pmj -p my_file.json

JSON minify to output file

Output minified version to an output file instead of stdout.

$ pmj my_file.json -o my_file.min.json

JSON prettify to output file

Output prettified version to an output file instead of stdout.

$ pmj -p my_file.min.json -o my_file.json

Support for URL data source

Replace file with a URL and pretty-mini-json will download and parse it.

Output minified version of JSON data from http endpoint to stdout.

$ pmj