Node module to prettify camel cased strings.

Pretty Camel

Node module to prettify camel cased strings. Here are few examples of prettification.

  • procedureCode -> Procedure Code
  • hospitalCPTCode -> Hospital CPT Code
  • eatAHotdog -> Eat A Hotdog
  • procCodeA938 -> Proc Code A938
  • procA39BCode -> Proc A39B Code

The following rules are applied to input strings:

  • Words separated by uppercase letters, numbers, underscores, dashes, and periods
  • Each word is separated by a space
  • A sequence of capital letters and numbers is considered to be one word
var prettyCamel = require("pretty-camel");
var input = "hospitalCPTCode";
var output = prettyCamel(input);

The outputs is Hospital CPT Code