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Solidity Refactor

This is a work in progress Prettier Plugin for Refactoring Solidity 0.4.X code to 0.5.X code. This tool does the following tasks currently to refactor your soldiity 0.4.X code to work with solidity 0.5.X:

  1. Change pragma version to ^0.5.0.
  2. Add calldata storage keyword infront of external function complex parameters and memory infront of other function's complex parameters that don't already have a defined parameter storage location.
  3. Rename constructor function from function ContractName to constructor.
  4. Add default function visibility of public to those normal functions which don't have function visibility explicitly defined.
  5. Add function visibility of external to fallback functions and all functions of any interface.
  6. Convert constant function state mutability modifier to view.
  7. Prettify your code using prettier.


Install both prettier and prettier-plugin-solidity-refactor:

npm install --save-dev prettier prettier-plugin-solidity-refactor


yarn add --dev prettier prettier-plugin-solidity-refactor


This plugin allows you to configure prettier to your needs. Command with my personal config is

./node_modules/.bin/prettier --write --tab-width 4 --print-width 140 '**/*.sol'

OR command with default config that will just print changed contracts to stdout instead of actually making chnages:

./node_modules/.bin/prettier '**/*.sol'

You may add the command script to your package.json file and then use npm run scriptName to execute the command.

Known limitations

  1. It does not add payable to addresses as it can not detect which addresses require to be payable. If you are using addressA.send or addressA.transfer, please manually declare them as address payable addressA rather than address addressA.
  2. It does not redefine expired variables. In solidity 0.4.X, variables persisted even outside their scope but in soldiity 0.5.x, you need to define them again.
  3. It does not fix illegal implicit conversions.
  4. Low level call now returns 2 parameters rather than 1. This plugin does not rafactor it.

Known bugs

None. Please report the bugs you may find.


  1. Add test cases.

Contributions of any kind are welcome.

NOTE: This tool is still under early testing. Please always manually verify all your contracts after using this tool.


npm i prettier-plugin-solidity-refactor

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