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Pre-visualisation tool for screen based/web design. Live updates a browser with any images add to a folder. Pretense allows quick exports from Adobe Illustrator to be viewed in situ for example. It behaves like a slideshow to show the evolution in design or to be used in presentation.

The client side implementation is a single JS library, so custom HTML can be easily made to demostate more complex layouts.


npm install pretense -g


Starting Pretense

$ cd folder-full-of-images
$ pretense

Then you can add/remove/edit images from that folder


Open http://localhost:4000/ in Chrome/Safari/Firefox.

The webpage will load the last image in the current folder. Images are always ordered numerically/alphabetically. So it makes sense to name image '00 test.png', '01 test.png' and so on.

When a change happens to a folder, the webpage will display the last new images out of all the new images. If a file was deleted it will display the last image in the directory.

Command line options

  • -d <String> optional - the directory to load image files from. Default: the current directory.
  • -p <Number> optional - the port for the pretense server.
  • init:jade optional - creates a template.jade file in the current directory (for making a custom HTML file)
  • init:servant optional - creates a startup script and template.jade file.