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Powerful JavaScript mocking


Powerful JavaScript mocking

npm install pretendr.

var pretendr = require('pretendr');

Mock your objects. You can pass in real objects (pretendr(require("fs"))) but I prefer to keep mocks to a minimum so I know exactly what my code is doing.

var mockFs = pretendr({
readFile : function () {},
readFileSync : function () {}

mockFs now contains a mock property, which is what you pass in to your code for testing as a substitute for the real thing. This is virtually indistinguishable to your code from the object you are mocking.

var fs = mockFs.mock;
fs.readFile('f.txt', cb);

It works well with injectr, which allows you to pass in your mocks when testing.

var myLib = injectr("../lib/mylib.js", {
    fs : mockFs.mock

Or you can use whichever dependency injection method you're used to.

Now let's monitor the calls:

assert.equal(fs.readFile.calls[0].args[1], 'f.txt');
assert.equal(fs.appendFile.calls.length, 0);

And run the callback:

assert.equal(fs.appendFile.calls.length, 1);

We can set return values:

mockFs.readFileSync.returnValue("some text");
// or 
mockFs.readFileSync.fake(function () {
    // arguments and context are correctly passed to this function 
    return "some text";

pretendr is under the MIT License. Fork it. Modify it. Pass it around.