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is a commandline tool to manage your WordPress git repository, and automate many operations common to managing a number of similar WordPress installations.

Getting started

PressUp is a nodejs (v0.6+) based application. It is written and tested on Ubuntu 11.10.

TODO - write verbose installation instructions for stable install (via npm), and bleeding edge install (via git)

  • Create an empty git repository, eg: /data/www/MyWordPressSites

  • Initialize this new repository as a pressup repository

    /data/www/MyWordPressSites $ pressup init .

  • Initialize a new site profile

    /data/www/MyWordPressSites $ pressup init site

  • Build the site

    /data/www/MyWordPressSites $ pressup build --config conf/

See Getting started - step by step for a more complete example.


Pressup must always be run from within your pressup installation root folder

/data/www/MyWordPressSites $ pressup --help
/data/www/MyWordPressSites $ pressup build --config conf/
/data/www/MyWordPressSites $ pressup db:backup --config conf/

This creates mysqldump backup files in db/mysite_com

/data/www/MyWordPressSites $ pressup db:restore --config conf/
/data/www/MyWordPressSites $ pressup db:restore target=conf/ --config conf/