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    A pushstate Node.js server that includes the official middleware for server-side rendering your single-page JavaScript application (React, Angular, Ember, Preact, Vue, etc.)

    Designed to be an all-in-one hosting + server-side rendering solution. Run it from Node.js or as a Docker container.


    • index.html at the root of the deployed project
    • pushstate URLs
    • React, Preact, Angular, Ember, Vue, or any SPA framework that rewrites a container DOM element (Angular users must use templates)

    read more here:

    Docker usage

    Local filesystem

    Mount the directory from your laptop/server into the Docker container at path /wwwroot

    This example assumes you're serving the public directory from the directory you're launching your Docker container.

    docker run --rm --name=prerendercloud-webserver -e PRERENDER_TOKEN="my-secret-token" -e DEBUG=prerendercloud -p 9000:9000 -v $(pwd)/public:/wwwroot prerendercloud/webserver --enable-middleware-cache --disable-ajax-preload --disable-ajax-bypass --bots-only

    S3 Proxy

    Note: the S3 proxy feeature does not cache data from S3 in the container, although it respects etags (if the client/browser sends if-none-match, and S3 returns 304 not modified, then the proxy returns 304 not modified). This means that this container does not need to be restarted when updating content on S3.

    docker run --rm --name=prerendercloud-webserver -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY="my-aws-key" -e AWS_SECRET_KEY="my-aws-secret" -e PRERENDER_TOKEN="my-secret-token" -e DEBUG=prerendercloud -p 9000:9000 prerendercloud/webserver s3://my-s3-bucket --enable-middleware-cache --disable-ajax-preload --disable-ajax-bypass --bots-only

    Node.js Usage

    npm install -g prerendercloud-server

    now navigate to your project directory (unless you're using S3, in which case it doesn't matter)

    usage: prerendercloud-server [options] [LocalPath or S3Uri]

    Local filesystem

    PRERENDER_TOKEN="my-secret-token" prerendercloud-server . --enable-middleware-cache --disable-ajax-preload --disable-ajax-bypass --bots-only

    S3 Proxy

    AWS_ACCESS_KEY="my-aws-key" -e AWS_SECRET_KEY="my-aws-secret" -e PRERENDER_TOKEN="my-secret-token" prerendercloud-server s3://my-s3-bucket --enable-middleware-cache --disable-ajax-preload --disable-ajax-bypass --bots-only

    Environment variables

    • PORT
    • MIDDLEWARE_CACHE_MAX_MEGABYTES=1000 (defaults to 500MB, only relevant with --enable-middleware-cache)


    • --help
    • --debug
    • --enable-middleware-cache
      • a local, 1 hour TTL in-memory cache to avoid hitting on every request
    • --disable-ajax-preload
    • --disable-ajax-bypass
    • --ignore-all-query-params
    • --meta-only
    • --bots-only


    # start the server in the current directory
    # start the server for the dist directory
    prerendercloud-server dist
    # start the server for the dist directory and run it on PORT 9000
    PORT=9000 prerendercloud-server dist
    # start the server for the dist directory and run it on PORT 9000 and use the local cache
    # (the cache won't expire until you terminate this node instance)
    PORT=9000 prerendercloud-server dist --enable-middleware-cache
    # start the server in the current directory with your API token
    # from to avoid rate limits
    PRERENDER_TOKEN=my-secret-token prerendercloud-server

    The _redirects file

    Like and Netlify, this server supports a _redirects file - read more about it here:


    npm i prerendercloud-server

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