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pRequire is a small abstraction to the require statement.


Add the following statement to your app's entry point.


This will create a GLOBAL reference to pRequire, which allows you to require modules defined in your package.json relative to your project root not located in node_modules.

You then define keys in your package.json that reference modules relative to the root folder.

Example package.json

  "base": "test/base",
  "libIndex": "test/lib",
  "libOther": "test/lib/other"

Note: libIndex is referencing a folder that contains index.js. It works just like require('./test/lib');.

Example of pRequire statement

var base = pRequire('base');
var libIndex = pRequire('libIndex');
var libOther = pRequire('libOther');
console.log(base, libIndex, libOther);

You can run node test.js to see pRequire in action.