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    Manage user-provided preferences for your Node programs through a file in the user's home directory, environment variables and default values.

    Preference modules

    prefsink.load("myproject", function (err, prefs) {
        /* ... */

    Prefsink will use the first available of the following files (~/ denotes 'home directory', which on Windows means the directory specified by USERPROFILE):

    1. ~/.myproject.d/index.js (lets the user organize all related files in one directory)
    2. ~/.myproject.js (the suffix may be useful for editor syntax highlighting etc)
    3. ~/.myproject (iconic Unix style preference file)

    Prefsink expects the settings file to be a node module that can be require'd.

    If you want Prefsink to look for other files, or with a different ordering, just set prefsink.locations to an array of desired paths. The array should contain full paths, optionally with {namespace} which will be replaced with the namespace.

    Preference property lookup

    prefs.get("id", 42);

    Given one of those modules, Prefsink uses the following property lookup:

    1. Does the preference module export id? Use that
    2. Is process.env.MYPROJECT_ID set? Use that
    3. Otherwise, use the default (42 in the above example)



    String, contains the path to where Prefsink thinks the user's home directory is.


    Array of strings. The locations Prefsink will attempt to load, in preferred order. Default value is

    exports.locations = [
        Path.join(exports.home, ".{namespace}.d", "index.js"),
        Path.join(exports.home, ".{namespace}.js"),
        Path.join(exports.home, ".{namespace}")

    prefsink.findFile(namespace, callback(err, fileName))

    Finds the filename for the preferred preference module according to the lookup described above. Yields null if none of the files are available. The error object is currently not being used as any error will simply result in a null file name.


    Sync version

    prefsink.create(namespace[, prefs[, source]]) //=> prefsJar

    Creates a preference "jar" (see API below).

    namespace is a string, typically the name of your project, like "buster". It will be used to find environment variables relevant to your preferences.

    prefs is an object with properties. When asking the preference jar for properties, properties on this object will be preferred.

    source is a string that reveals which source prefs were loaded from. It's simply exposed as prefsJar.source.

    prefsink.load(namespace, callback(err, prefsJar))

    Figures out which file to use, loads its contents and creates a preference jar that is passed to the callback. The error object is used when require-ing the preference file fails (i.e. when the file exists but is not loadable).


    Sync version

    preferenceJar API

    • namespace - the corresponding string passed in as argument to create
    • source - the corresponding string passed in as argument to create
    • get(name[, defaultVal]) - returns the named property according to the property lookup described above. Dashes and spaces are converted to underscores when trying environment variables, e.g. get("something-nice") will try the environment variable MYPROJECT_SOMETHING_NICE.




    npm i prefsink

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