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node builtins wrapped for promises


node builtins wrapped for promises

all of node's builtin apis as Promises/A+ - returning functions. Use the core module APIs you know without the impedence mismatch of adapting them to promises yourself.

$ npm install pr

require any builtin module with pr/ before it

var fs = require('pr/fs')

fs.readdir(__dirname).then(function (files) {
  console.log(__dirname + ':\n' + files.join('\n'))

Methods taking one-time callbacks in the following module are wrapped with promise-returning versions:

Additionally, all base modules are available by require('pr/name') for convenience.

Functions which are documented as taking a callback, but which actually use the callback as an event listener rather than as a continuation, are not supported.

(http|https).request and .get both take callbacks but also have return values of streams. These will be supported in a future release of pr, and the returned object will support both the stream and promise interface.

readline's Interface#question is not currently implemented.

We're interested in supporting the entire api! Please open a pull request to contribute.


Public Domain.

To the extent possible under law, Jason Denizac has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to pr. This work is published from: United States.