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node builtins wrapped for promises

all of node's builtin apis as Promises/A+ - returning functions. Use the core module APIs you know without the impedence mismatch of adapting them to promises yourself.



$ npm install pr


require any builtin module with pr/ before it


var fs = require('pr/fs')

fs.readdir(__dirname).then(function (files) {
  console.log(__dirname + ':\n' + files.join('\n'))

modules included

Methods taking one-time callbacks in the following module are wrapped with promise-returning versions:

Additionally, all base modules are available by require('pr/name') for convenience.

Functions which are documented as taking a callback, but which actually use the callback as an event listener rather than as a continuation, are not supported.

not currently implemented

(http|https).request and .get both take callbacks but also have return values of streams. These will be supported in a future release of pr, and the returned object will support both the stream and promise interface.

readline's Interface#question is not currently implemented.

We're interested in supporting the entire api! Please open a pull request to contribute.

api current as of node 0.8.x




Public Domain.


To the extent possible under law, Jason Denizac has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to pr. This work is published from: United States.