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Puppeteer video recorder is a simple Puppeteer plugin to auto-create videos for every new frame appears in the browser.


It's based on the Puppeteer mass screenshots plugin and therefore doesn't affect Puppeteer's run time.

So basically, it's fast, and it won't slow your run time


In order to use this plugin:

  • Puppeteer must be installed.
  • Pupepteers' page object must be created.
  • FFMpeg must be installed and set in PATH (or change the ffmpeg command to where it's accessible from)


To install the plugin to your project please use:

npm install puppeteer-video-recorder

You'll probably prefer to add it to your package.json file so you can use:

npm install --save-prod puppeteer-video-recorder


Once Puppeteer video recorder is installed, you can require it in your project:

const PuppeteerVideoRecorder = require('puppeteer-video-recorder');

In your constructor create:

const recorder = new PuppeteerVideoRecorder();

After you have page object

Init Options

  • page - Puppeteer page object (related to the browser).
  • videosPath - where to save the created videos, images file and temporary images
await recorder.init(page, videosPath);

Starting Recorder

To start the automatic video recording:

await recorder.start();

To stop the automatic video recording:

await recorder.stop();

! Important - call recorder.stop before browser is closed.


Does it support Chrome in headless mode?

Yes, it does. it supports Chrome in headless / "headfull" mode.

It records full length video, of every Chrome browser's frame, even though Chrome is in headless mode.

Does it support page redirects?

Yes, it does.

This plugin is based on the Puppeteer mass screenshots plugin, which supports redirection.

Does it use the window object?

No, it doesn't use the window object.

Can I run this plugin with my own page/browser objects?


Will it change my browser/page/window objects?

No, it won't.

Feel free to set browser/page/window as you like, it won't be affected by this plugin.

Creating videos is slow why?

It is because current FFMPEG command is slow. We should in the future upload a solution for faster conversion of FFMPEG Feel free to send us one if you've found something faster and better, we always love to improve.

I get errors related to FFMPEG, why?

Please ensure that you have FFMPEG installed on your PC run from your cmd / terminal (in linux) the command: ffmpeg --help If you see results, and don't see "command not found" errors, this plugin should work with your FFMPEG

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