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sha256 Proof of Work Captcha


var salt = Buffer.from('fe23fe23fe23fe23fe23', 'hex');, PoWtcha.TARGET.EASY).then(function(res) {
    var nonce = res[0], hash = res[1];
    assert.equal(nonce, 5184);
    assert.equal(hash.toString('hex'), '000ce8507df7e6f3d173a450d74afa007b4eba74c95a57f60b8eb8e46b0f5899');

Development / Contributing

You should have mocha, istanbul and grunt-cli installed globally, if not run npm install -g mocha instanbul grunt-cli.
Also recommended to have phantomjs >= 1.9.8 on $PATH to speed up the asmcrypto.js build; https//

Unit Tests are created with Mocha and can be ran with npm test (or mocha)

We also run jshint and jscs, these are automatically ran by travis-ci for every commit and pull request.

jshint main.js lib/ test/ && jscs main.js lib/ test/

or simply npm run-script lint


If you're planning to uglify/minify the javascript yourself, make sure to exclude the following variable names from being mangled:
['Buffer', 'sha256_asm', 'asm']


PoWtcha is released under the terms of the MIT license. See for more information or see