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    A PouchDB plug-in that allows you to re-use your CouchDB rewrites on the client side. A browser version is available.


    NodeJS package name: pouchdb-rewrite

    Browser object name: window.Rewrite

    First, make sure you understand CouchDB rewrites. A good starting point is the rewrite documentation.

    Rewrite.rewrite(rewritePath[, options[, callback]])

    Figures out where to redirect to, and then executes the corresponding PouchDB function, with the appropriate arguments gotten from the request object that has been generated from the options parameter.

    rewritePath: a path of the form "designDocName/rewrite/path". Specifies the design document to use the rewrites from, and the path you'd find in CouchDB after the /_rewrite part of the URL. Keep in mind that you can't specify a query parameter in the url form (i.e. no ?a=b). Instead use the options.query parameter.

    options: A CouchDB request object stub. Important properties of those for rewrites are options.query and options.method. An additional boolean option is available: options.withValidation, if true, this function routes to db.validating* functions instead of db.* functions if relevant.

    Returns: whatever output the function that the rewrite routed to produced. Or, in the case of an 'http' database, a CouchDB response object.

    Rewrite.rewriteResultRequestObject(rewritePath[, options[, callback]])

    See the Rewrite.rewrite function for information on the parameters. The difference with it is that this function doesn't try to route the rewrite to a function.

    Returns: A CouchDB request object that points to the resource obtained by following the redirect.


    PouchDB Server and its sub-packages are distributed as a monorepo.

    For a full list of packages, see the GitHub source.


    The Apache 2 License. See the LICENSE file for more information.


    npm i pouchdb-rewrite

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