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    Helpers for working with PouchDB in React with Redux store.

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    pouchdb-redux-helper consists of:

    • createCRUD function for creating reducers, actionTypes, actions and route paths.

    • helper functions for connecting components with store

    pouchdb-redux-helpers uses and depends on:

    • immutablejs for storing data

    • redux-thunk for handling actions

    poouchdb-redux-helper is currently considered experimental software.


    $ npm install pouchdb-redux-helper --save


    Create CRUD

    createCRUD(db, mountPoint, [prefix=null], [opts={}])

    This function return reducer and redux helpers for given resource type in given database.


    • db: PouchDB database

    • mountPoint: unique name of CRUD that defines where it will be mounted in state as well to give action types unique prefix

    • prefix: prefix to use for document id for creating new object and in allDocs. Equal to mountPoint if not specified.

    • opts: options

      • startkey - startkey for this crud, default mountPoint-
      • endkey - endkey for this crud, default mountPoint-\uffff


    It returns object consisting of:

    • actions

      • actions.allDocs(folder='', params, opts)
      • actions.query(fun, folder='', params, opts)
      • actions.get(docId, params, opts)
      • actions.put(doc, params, opts)
      • actions.remove(doc, params, opts)

      Options for actions:

      • fun: query function
      • folder: folder where to save document ids
      • params: params to delegate to pouchdb service method
      • opts: additional options to add to action
      • doc: document
      • docId: document id
    • actionTypes

      action types for actions above (allDocs, query, get, put, remove)

    • reducer

      Reducer for given CRUD. It is immutable.Map object with:

      • documents: currently loaded documents, a map of docId: doc structure
      • folders is a map of document ids for given database query. It has folderName:[doc1Id, doc2Id,...] structure.
    • mountPoint

      mountPoint from option

    • paths

      paths for crud routes (list, detail, edit, create)

    • urlPrefix

      urlPrefix for using in routes

    • db

      PouchDB database

    Example Usage

    import thunk from 'redux-thunk';
    import { createCRUD } from 'pouchdb-redux-helper';
    const db = PouchDB('testdb');
    // get CRUD 
    const projectsCrud = createCRUD(db, 'projects');
    // reducers
    const reducers = combineReducers({
      [projectsCrud.mountPoint]: projectsCrud.reducer,
    // create store
    const finalCreateStore = compose(
    const store = finalCreateStore(reducers);
    // allDocs action

    Example of calling allDocs action of projectsCrud.


    When previous example is executed, following will happen:

    1. thunk will dispatch POUCHDB_projects_allDocs_request action and execute PouchDB allDocs as promise.

    2. If promise resolves

    2.1. thunk will dispatch POUCHDB_projects_allDocs_success action with result

    2.2. store will merge received documents with existing state in state.projects.documents and update document ids in state.projects.folders.all List.

    1. If error occurs POUCHDB_projects_allDocs_failure action will be dispatched with error

    Connect containers helper functions


    Decorator connects wrapped Component with documents from the state as property. Query options can be passed to PouchDB, such as query function, startkey, endkey, etc. If state does not already contains folder with documents, they are loaded.

    connectList(crud, opts={}, mapStateToProps, mapDispatchToProps)
    • crud: crud obtained from createCRUD
    • opts:
      • opts.options: options to pass to PouchDB. If is given, query will be executed, otherwise allDocs which starts with mountPoint-
      • opts.folder: folder where to save result. If empty this is serialized from opts.options
      • propName="items": name of property to pass to wrapped component
    • mapStateToProps: custom mapStateToProps to delegate to connect
    • mapDispatchToProps: mapDispatchToProps to delegate to connect
    Example usage
    const ProjectList = ({isLoading, items}) => {(
      if (isLoading) {
        return <div>loading...</div>
      return (<ul>
        { => <li key={item.get('_id')}>item.get('name')</li>) }
    // connected component contains all documents
    export const ProjectListContainer = containers.connectList(
      projectsCrud, {folder: 'all'}
    // connected component contains only starred projects
    // it assumes view named 'starredProjects' exists in design documents
    export const StarredProjectListContainer = containers.connectList(
      projectsCrud, {fun: 'starredProjects'}


    Decorator connects wrapped Component with single document. docId would be resolved from:

    • component own property,
    • mapStateToProps function if it returns detailOpt,
    • opts argument
    Example usage
    export const ProjectDetail = ({isLoading, item, dispatch, onRemove}) => {
      if (isLoading) {
        return <div>loading...</div>
      return (
        <span>{ item.get('name') }</span>
    // connected component with own property, ie:
    // <ProjectDetailContainer docId="project-1" />
    export const ProjectDetailContainer = containers.connectSingleItem(
      projectsCrud, {}
    // connected component with docId from router
    // <ProjectDetailContainer />
    export const ProjectDetailContainerFromUrl = containers.connectSingleItem(
      projectsCrud, {}, state => ({
        singleItemOpts: {docId:},
    • crud: crud obtained from createCRUD
    • opts:
      • propName="items": name of property to pass to wrapped component
    • docId: document id
    Example usage
    const ProjectDetail = ({items, dispatch}) => (
      <div>{ item.get('name') }</div>
    // displays project with docId from url id param
    const ProjectDetailContainer = connect(state => ({ docId: }))(

    Routes creating helper

    Use crud.paths

    const routes = (
      <Route path="/" component={App}>
        <Route path={projectsCrud.paths.list} component={AllProjectListContainer} />


    Decorator connects and paginate wrapped Component.

    paginate(paginationOpts, crud, connectListOpts, mapStateToProps, mapDispatchToProps)


    • paginationOpts:
      • paginationOpts.rowsPerPage: rows per page
      • paginationOpts.startkey: startkey

    Other options are equal to those in connectList.

    Example app

    Example app

    Example app source code


    • upgrade babel to 6.x


    • 0.11.0 (unreleased)
      • refactor connectSingleItem to allow setting opts from mapStateToProps
    • 0.10.0
      • refactor loading decorator to always render passed component with isLoading property instead of using custom Loading component
      • loading component triggers load in componentWillReceiveProps
      • loading component expect action as function and actionArgs as function arguments.
      • bugfixes
    • 0.9.0
      • fixes in pagination
    • 0.8.0
      • save extra things received from query/allDocs in folderVars. This includes total_rows, offset, skip.
      • remove queryFunc introduced in 0.7.0
      • pagination suport
      • pass additional opts in query and allDocs actions and save them in folder as folderVars
    • 0.7.0
      • add queryFunc option to containers.connectList options
    • 0.6.0
      • use redux-thunk instead of custom middleware and service
      • remove service, middleware modules
      • remove actions in favor of createPromiseAction




    npm i pouchdb-redux-helper

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