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A wrapper to translate PO and POT files (GetText format). Currently only supports api. Hope to add other translation services some day.


  1. Signup for a account
  2. Setup a project and retrieve the API key
  3. Call the bin/potrans with your API key


  Usage: potrans.js [options]
    -h, --help                output usage information
    -V, --version             output the version number
    -a, --apikey <apikey>     The API key to use to interact with
    -t, --template <file>     The POT (PO Template) file to work from
    -l, --language <lang>     The language code to translate to
    -f, --from [lang]         The language code to translate from, default eng
    -o, --outfile             Name of output file, default <language>.po in POT folder
    -L, --languages [filter]  Returns a list of all languages and codes to translate to
    -n, --name [name]         Sets the name of the language in the PO output file, defaults to language name from
    -F, --forceupdate         Forces an update to the PO file even if no new strings are found, useful for changing names

Usage from node.js application

See bin/potrans.js source code for now.


Contains a listing (up to the date specified at the top of the file in the code: false object) of the full or partial Locale to language and code for