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    Process management module


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    forever and pm2 are great third-party process management tools, but they are not module friendly. Saying if you are writing a CLI service tool, you may need to built-in a process management module for handling process monitor, run as a daemon, stop, scale, reload, and then you could just focus on developing your service logic. So I created this module.


    • Automatically restart process if it crashes. Like forever
    • Able to scale or reload instances with zero down time. Like pm2
    • Provides both CLI and Node.js module API
    • Supports isolated workspaces
    • User friendly interactive CLI
    • Easy to extend
    • Built-in powerful logger system


    $ npm install pot-js

    For global CLI command, please add -g option

    $ npm install -g pot-js

    CLI Reference

    pot <command> [options]
      pot start [entry]             Spawn and monitor a process
      pot restart [name]            Restart a process
      pot restartall                Restart all processes
      pot reload [name]             Reload a process
      pot reloadall                 Reload all processes
      pot stop [name]               Stop a process
      pot stopall                   Stop all processes
      pot scale [name] [instances]  Scale up/down a process
      pot list                      List processes                     [aliases: ls]
      pot log [name] [category]     Show log
      pot show [name]               Show process information
      pot flush [name]              Remove log files
      pot flushall                  Remove all log files
      --version   Show version number                                      [boolean]
      -h, --help  Show help                                                [boolean]

    Node.js module API Reference


    Spawn and monitor a process.

    • args (String|String[]): List of string arguments. Defaults to [].
    • baseDir (String): The base directory for resolving modules or directories. Defaults to the current working directory.
    • cluster (Boolean): Enforce using cluster mode. If not set, it will automatically set to true when spawning a Node.js related process.
    • config (String): Path to the config file. Defaults to .potrc.
    • cwd (String): Current working directory. Defaults to process.cwd().
    • daemon (Boolean): Run as a daemon. Defaults to false.
    • entry (String): Entry script path. Defaults to ./index.js.
    • env (Object): Environment variables object. Defaults to process.env.
    • events (Object): Defining scripts by event hooks. Like scripts in package.json. Here are available event hooks:
      • spawn: New child process has been spawned
      • start: The monitor has started
      • stop: The monitor has fully stopped and the process is killed
      • crash: The monitor has crashed (too many restarts or spawn error)
      • sleep: The monitor is sleeping
      • exit: Child process has exited
      • stdout: Child process stdout has emitted data
      • stderr: Child process stderr has emitted data
      • warn: Child process has emitted an error
    • execArgs (String|String[]): Execution arguments. Defaults to [].
    • execPath (String): Execution Path. Defaults to process.execPath, which returns the absolute pathname of the executable that started the Node.js process. i.e. /usr/local/bin/node.
    • force (Boolean): Enforce restart even if the process is exists. Defaults to false.
    • inspect (Boolean|String|Object): Enable node inspector. Require Node.js >= v6.3.0. Defaults to false.
    • instances (Number): Cluster instances. Defaults to 1.
    • logLevel (String|Object): Log level. See pot-logger for detail. Here are available levels:
      • ALL
      • TRACE
      • DEBUG (default in development mode)
      • INFO (default in production mode)
      • WARN
      • ERROR
      • FATAL
      • OFF
    • logsDir (String): Log files directory. In daemon mode, log messages will write to some .log files.
    • maxRestarts (Number): How many restarts are allowed within 60s.
    • monitorProcessTitle (String): Monitor process title. Defaults to "node".
    • name (String): Process monitor name. Should be unique. Defaults to the basename of baseDir.
    • production (Boolean): Production mode. Short hand for setting NODE_ENV="production" env. Defaults to true.
    • watch (Boolean|Object): Enable watch mode. Defaults to false. Here are available props for object config:
      • enable (Boolean): Enable watch. Defaults to true.
      • dirs (String|String[]): Defining watching directories.
      • ignoreDotFiles (Boolean): Ignore watching .* files. Defaults to true.
      • ignoreNodeModulesDir (Boolean): Ignore watching node_modules directory. Defaults to true.
    • workspace (String): Workspace.


    API to communicate with monitors


    • Connection.getNames(options)
    • Connection.getByName(name, options)
    • Connection.getState(name, options)
    • Connection.getAllInstances(options)
    • Connection.flushOffline()
    • connection#getState(instanceId)
    • connection#restart()
    • connection#reload(options)
    • connection#scale(number)
    • connection#flush()
    • connection#disconnect()
    • connection#requestStopServer(options)


    Command lines interface helper functions


    • Operators.start(options)
    • Operators.restart(options)
    • Operators.restartAll(options)
    • Operators.reload(options)
    • Operators.reloadAll(options)
    • Operators.stop(options)
    • Operators.stopAll(options)
    • Operators.scale(options)
    • Operators.list(options)
    • Operators.log(options)
    • Operators.flush(options)
    • Operators.flushAll(options)


    Config and CLI json schemas



    pot-js commands descriptor. Useful to extend or modify command via createCli()

    A command may contain these props:

    • command (String): A string representing the command. eg: stop [name]
    • description (String): Command description
    • schema (Object): The JSON schema of options and positional arguments
    • operator (Function): The operator function of the command


    createCli(pkg, commands)

    A helper function to create CLI, built on top of yargs





    npm i pot-js

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