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Posterous removed the api-token endpoint from their API. This returns it.

Posterous API Token

Posterous removed their end point for getting API tokens for users. This returns it using the Zombie Library, which allows you to run a headless browser in Node.

You can grab it from the repo, or use NPM.

npm install posterous-api-token

It's a pretty straight forward lib with just one method getToken with the first argument being an object containing your email address for posterous as well as the password. The second argument is a callback to handle the response and it can return an error or the token.

var posterous-api-token = require('posterous-api-token');

var email = 'your-email-address';
var password = 'your-password';
posterous_api_token.getToken({email:email, password:password}, function(err, token){